At Bravo, we know that you just want someone to simply say "start here", so this is what this page is for.  If you are brand new to dancing, or at least ballroom and latin dancing, then we've given you TWO options to start from.  Both are specifically geared towards Beginners and are designed to give you a fun and easy starting point.  We've taught hundreds of newbies to dance, and we can teach you, too!





   Our Introductory Program is a fantastic way for Beginners to sample all of the great things that Bravo Dance Studio has to offer.
3 Private Lessons for $75. 




   Experience the one-on-one professional instruction that we're famous for!  You'll get not just 1, or 2, but 3! personalized sessions with one of our great instructors.  You can choose the dance(s) that you want to learn, or leave the decision up to us -- we're professionals!  When you take private instruction, lessons are at your pace.  We focus on your development; we encourage you on the parts that you do well and help you fix your mistakes.  


    Your instructor knows both the leader's and the follower's parts, so both members of a couple will receive instruction and advice.  If you are flying solo, you will get to dance directly with the instructor during your lesson time.  


    The Introductory Program is designed to introduce you to different types of social dancing, and give you an idea about the basics of partner dancing like lead/follow, timing, and basic steps and turns.


    Private dance lessons are available 7 days a week; simply give us a call to set up your first appointment.  


   We are available Monday through Friday, afternoons and evenings.  On Saturdays and Sundays, we teach during the mornings and afternoons.

     The lessons can be scheduled at a time that's convenient for you - you're in charge!  Our Introductory Special is $75 total for all 3 awesome Private Dance Lessons  (30 minutes each).  The price is the same for singles or for couples: just $75. 







    Want a free sample?  Sure!  Come and check us out for a Complimentary Group Class.  We offer Group classes in different styles and for different skill levels so there's something for everyone, including weekly
Beginner Classes for newcomers.  





      There's no rsvp or membership necessary -- all classes are open to the public so you can simply show up and dance.  With the exception of our Monday Night Progressive Series, the dance classes are all drop-in which means you can get started at any time.  It's not necessary to wait for the start of a new series or session. Check out our calendar for class schedules and times, and go to our Group Classes and Parties page to find which classes are going to be your new favorites.


    First Class is FREE, Complimentary, On the House, A Freebie, No Charge, A Handout....  Whichever dance class you choose for your 1st visit, it's on us!


    Beginner dance classes are a great way to come and check out the studio, and meet the instructors and other students.  You'll get first hand experience in what makes Bravo Dance Studio so special -- beautiful facility, amazing dance floor, incredible instructors, enthusiastic students...   And you will not need a partner to participate in the group classes, singles and couples are both welcome.


     We rotate partners during class, and here's why: 

1) When two brand new dancers learn only together, it's a little bit like the blind leading the blind.  When you switch partners, you may get to dance with someone who is also a beginner, but maybe has attended a few classes already and is starting to get the hang of things.  This will help you since you don't have to worry if your partner is doing it right or not.  

2) Everyone gets a chance to dance.  We don't penalize singles during our classes -- everyone gets a chance to jump in and participate.  Our studio is unusual in that our classes tend to be pretty well matched -- number of guys to number of girls.  Some classes we even have more guys than gals.  But since all classes are drop-in, we never know ahead of time what the ratio will be.  Rotating partners ensures that everyone has a chance to dance and learn.  

3) Changing partners lets you meet new people and make friends.  Dancing is a social hobby, and dancing with several different partners during dance classes is an excellent way to break the ice and enjoy a good laugh together as you are both trying to figure out your steps.


If you are NOT new to Ballroom and Latin dancing, and are interested in joining Bravo Dance Studio to continue your training, please contact us at 502.454.4111 or

 We have a special offer just for you!