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The most beautiful and well-equipped ballroom and latin
dance studio in Louisville!





     Okay, we're going to brag a little bit here. We have an absolutely beautiful ballroom dance studio. Really beautiful. We've worked really hard to bring you the best of everything, so you don't have to look any further. Starting with the most important part....


    What's so special about that, you ask?  It is the PERFECT floor for dancing.  Designed by professionals, and used in the top ballroom dance studios all around the United States.  It's the same one used on ABC's smash hit "Dancing with the Stars".  

    Beautiful, golden, solid Hardwood Beech is laid over wood ribs and foam, which allows a slight give in the floor.  That's what "floating" means -- the floor is not just laid on top of concrete or sub-flooring.  Instead it floats on a specially engineered foam pad with just the right amount of give and resistance for dancing.  

    That reduces impact, meaning you can dance for longer without getting sore joints and muscles.  And there are no tacks or nails holding it down.  Instead it's clipped together from underneath, so it's perfectly smooth and even. Always.


    Not just 1, but 2 beautiful ballrooms for you to dance in!  We have a lovely smaller ballroom on our lower level which is fully equipped for private lessons, small private groups, kids classes, and personal practice.  But the real gem is our main ballroom on the second floor -- students and visitors gasp in delight the first time they open the door.  

    There's nothing else like it in Louisville!  It is a gorgeous room for dancing and for socializing during parties and events, with a large beautiful dance floor and a line of tables and chairs nestled along the wall.  

    The majority of our private dance lessons and all of our open group classes and parties take place up here.  Wait 'til you see it for the first time!


    Great music makes you wanna get up and dance (whether you know how or not).  That's why we diligently collect a wide variety of music, from classics like Frank Sinatra, Vic Damone, and Mel Torme, to contemporary and cutting edge artists like Bruno Mars, Michael Buble, John Legend, Billie Eilish, and the Gotan Project.  

    We enjoy curating a wide range of music for our students, because they seem to enjoy it as much as we do! And there would be no reason to have all of that outstanding dance music if you're going to listen to from lousy speakers, or worse yet, an old boombox.  

    So we've taken the next step and installed a great JBL speakers and a with a professional Yamaha mixing console.  But that's still not all -- to top it off, we have colorful LED lights to spice up our dance classes and parties, 'cause it's all about fun!


    If you've never set foot in a dance studio, the unavoidable truth is that most of them are sparsely furnished with only the necessities -- dingy walls, folding chairs, second hand tables and couches...  Not so at Bravo Dance Studio!  You'll start noticing all the little extras as soon as you walk in the door: an ornate reception desk with a smiling receptionist in front of a shiny wood and glass trophy case. You can choose to relax in our sitting area with a large flat screen tv, leather furniture, and posh carpeting.    Or take a stroll upstairs and notice the large golden chandelier, beautiful drapes, and kitchenette.  And this is one of our favorite parts, peer closely at those beautiful walls -- that's not wallpaper.  

    The entire studio has been hand-painted from top to bottom with a variety of different faux-finishes by an artist right here in Louisville.  It's no wonder Bravo Dance Studio has been called "the jewel box"!

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