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    Should you decide to terminate your UNLIMITED GROUP CLASS AND PARTY PASS (Adult Students) or KIDS/TEENS CLASS (18 years and younger) participation for any reason, kindly understand that we cannot refund registration fees or monthly fees that have already been charged.
     If Membership is terminated in writing by completing a CLASS DROP FORM (available at the reception desk) by the 25th of the month, then no penalty charges will filed. Membership cancelled after the 25th of the month will be subject to one month's class fees.
     Lesson Programs may be cancelled with 30 day advance written notice. Used lesson will be charged at the full rate, and the unused portion will be reimbursed to the student in a timely matter.
     There will be no refund on classes, lessons, dance parties, or other studio events that the student has already participated in or missed to for personal reasons (sickness, vacation, lack of transportation, etc).
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