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Salsa Dance B&W

Are you ready to Dance?  Let's Go!

You've done the hardest part already - taken the first step to getting out on the dance floor.  Whether you have a special event coming up - wedding, cruise, vacation, or holiday - or you're ready to start dancing for your mental and physical health, you're in great hands with the professional dance instructors at Bravo Dance Studio.  We've taught thousands of people in Louisville to tango, salsa, cha cha, waltz, rumba, swing dance and more, and we can teach you, too!  Whether your goal is to simply develop some rhythm and not step on your dance partner's toes, or you want to star in our ballroom and latin dance showcases or try your hand (or foot, rather) at competitive ballroom dancing, then you've found your "dance home".

If you're ready to have some serious fun, then you're in the right spot!

What would you like to try?
Group Class


Private Dance Lessons are the fastest way to learn to dance. 


We make learning to dance fun and easy, even if you can't tell a waltz from a cha cha.  We will break down the steps and turns in easy-to-learn patterns so that you'll feel confident when you show off your new dance steps.

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