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Unleashing the Power of Dance at Bravo Dance Studio





The Dynamic Duo –

Meet the Owners Alex and Svetlana Ioukhnel


At Bravo Dance Studio, we have an undeniable edge - our gifted instructors. Their dance pedigree is replete with remarkable training, certifications, and, most importantly, years of dynamic teaching experience. Now, allow us to introduce the passionate heart and soul behind Bravo Dance Studio - Alex and Svetlana Ioukhnel.

The Ioukhnels, Bravo's devoted proprietors, have poured their heart and soul into the world of dance, leaving their footprints on stages in the United States and around the globe. Nearly two decades ago, they unveiled the magic of Bravo Dance Studio. Ever since, they, along with a tribe of professional dance instructors, have introduced the joy of dance to thousands, from novices and social dancers to professional and competitive dancers, even those tying the knot!

Each boasting a dance journey spanning over 40 years, Alex and Svetlana have collected a treasure trove of accolades as dancers, mentors, and studio proprietors. Their mesmerizing performances have captivated audiences from Russia to Australia and Korea, gracing hundreds of dance contests and over 4,000 spellbinding shows. Their dance mastery has been recognized by revered institutions, including the Dance Vision International Dance Association USA, World Dance and Dance Sport Council, British Association of Teachers of Dancing, and Belarus Professional Dance Union. Their dance voyage has taken them across countries, spanning Malaysia, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Europe, and Russia.

Notably, Alex has been a formidable competitor in dozens of competitions within the United States, acquiring numerous top teachers awards alongside his students.

His accolades include the

Kentucky Dance Sports Challenge 2014,

Atlantic Dance Sport Challenge,

Kentucky Dance Sport Challenge 2011,

2014 Indianapolis Open, and

Boca Ballroom Dance Sport Competition.

Our Incredibly Talented Instructors

What's even more exciting? Each dance instructor at Bravo Dance Studio embodies over 20 years of individual dance experience, coupled with competitive and performance prowess, across an array of dance styles. At Bravo Dance Studio, your dance dreams are in skilled, safe hands. Our instructors are not just technical wizards, they're also adept at keeping abreast of contemporary ballroom dance trends, while infusing fun into every lesson to make learning a joy.

Dancing at Bravo Dance Studio is a welcoming experience for all skill levels and age groups. Ready to twirl into the mesmerizing world of dance? Get in touch with us to explore our lessons and register for a class. We can't wait to bring you into the Bravo Dance Studio family!"

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