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We're Back, Baby!

Bravo Dance Studio ReOpened on June 1st

(insert wild applause & confetti cannons here)

Wowzer - it felt like 2 1/2 Years, not Months.

We missed You!

It is so good to get back to what we all love: ballroom dancing.

Of course, we are in a new normal. And sorry, not sorry - this is going to be a lengthy update. But we want you to know that we have your best interest and health in mind as we get back to our dancing lives.

Short Video of New Safety Procedures
  • We are honoring all private lesson programs that were in effect prior to the COVID-19 shutdown. If you were in the middle of a lesson program, we'll just pick up where we left off.  


  • If you have some government stimulus money burning a hole in your pocket and you're ready to start taking private lessons, we're happy to make that happen. Times have been hard for small businesses, so your investment in "YOU" right now can also help us keep the doors open.


  • Unlimited Monthly Passes for classes and parties, as well as classes and parties included with private lesson programs, are temporarily on hold. Everyone will need to pay for group classes for now. There are a few reasons for this, including limited capacity for in-person classes and the need to make our mortgage payment in a couple of weeks. Not lying, things are tight. But we will "do right" by our pass holders and students with classes included on their private lesson programs. Just give us a little time to work this out.


  • All private lessons and group classes can now be scheduled online at: With extra time between private lessons for cleaning and to eliminate overlapping students, and limits to the number of students in classes, we are on a brand new schedule. Check it out, it's super easy and first come first served. Even if you are not a techie, you'll get the hang of it in no time.


  • All private lessons and group classes can be taken in the studio or online via Zoom. The group classes on Zoom will be the exact same class that we are teaching in the studio simultaneously. So if you want to be a part of the fun, but prefer to dance at home, this is a perfect option for you. Same thing with private lessons - if it's too much hassle to get out of your pajamas to come into the studio, we can teach you at home.


  • We need everyone to wear a mask while in the studio. For your safety and ours. A lot of the general public are asymptomatic carriers and we don't want to accidentally spread it around. Since masks are being required pretty much everywhere nowadays, we'd like for you to bring your own. However, if you don't have one, we've got your back. We have extras. Not into face masks? - all classes and lessons can be taught via Zoom.


  • For private lessons, we will only have one lesson in the studio at a time. We'll ask you to come shortly before your lesson, hang out in your car until we're ready for you, go through a check-in procedure that includes taking temperature and sanitizing, and then proceed upstairs. After your lesson, even though we love you lots, we want you to leave :) We need to get you out so we can sanitize and then let the next student in. If you are more comfortable taking your private lesson at your house, not a problem. We're set up for that.


  • For group classes in the studio, we have a limit of 10 students. With over 2000 sq ft of ballroom upstairs, this allows for 200 sq ft per student. Similar to private lessons, we'll ask everyone to wait in their vehicle until personally invited in by one of us. Temperature check, sanitizing hands, and health checklist are part of our new normal. For the time being, all group classes will be taught solo - no contact between dancers. If you have a partner that you want to dance with, this is a Great Time to sign up for Private Lessons.


  • Dance Parties, Couples Classes, and Showcase Rehearsals are on PAUSE for now. We can't wait to get back to social dancing and "hanging" with our friends. But we need to be smart and safe right now. We'll get back to it when we get the green light from our leaders and experts.

Whew! That's a lot of words!  Here are some pretty pictures for you to look at:
Bravo Reopening 2 .jpg
Now the more official stuff

***Bravo Dance Studio is following all requirements and recommendations of social distancing, protective personal equipment, limiting the number of people in the facility, and cleaning and sanitizing surfaces to provide the safest, healthiest environment for you. We have included a 15 minute buffer time between lessons to accommodate in and out, eliminate overlapping students, and sanitize between each lesson. Sanitizing stations have been set up in the studio. We have closed all common areas including reception, changing area, small ballroom, cafeteria, and general seating in the ballroom.  We are currently not allowing practice time before or after lessons, unless  there is no other lesson on the schedule. If you have any ideas that can make our studio cleaner and safer, please let us know. ***

Okay, so that wasn't so bad. 
We Can't Wait to See You!!!
Let's Dance! 

Need to reach us? Have questions?

The fastest ways to get your message to us:



Text:  (502) 454-4111 

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