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Learn something new!

In 10 Private Dance Lessons we can make you proficient in your favorite style of dance.  While you may not be "a professional", we can make sure that you are comfortable getting out on the dance floor and dancing to the music (even in front of your friends!) in at least one style of dance (for example - waltz or tango or swing or salsa or cha cha).  Or you can use the lessons as a "deluxe sampler" to try several different styles of dance to see which ones you like and you're good at.  This is a great opportunity to take a stab at learning to dance.  Many of our students dance with us for years!


Dance lessons are for an individual or couple dancing together.  Individuals will dance with an instructor.  ***All partnerships are welcome!


Private lessons are 45 minutes in length, and lesson times are available 7 days/week.  Private lessons can be booked through our website at

10x Private Dance Lessons for an Individual or Couple

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