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Your Dance Journey starts here!

When you invest in Private Dance Lessons, you're investing in a better YOU!  Ballroom and Latin Dancing is great exercise, is helpful for keeping the brain sharp (comparable to chess and crossword puzzes!), and builds strong social bonds.  In 40 Private Dance Lessons we can work towards your dance goals -- whether you want to feel more comfortable social dancing, look forward to dancing a solo spotlight in front of your friends, or even want to try competitive dancing. This is a great opportunity to chase your dance dreams - You Only Live Once!  Many of our students dance with us for years!


Dance lessons are for an individual or couple dancing together.  Individuals will dance with an instructor.  ***All partnerships are welcome!


Private lessons are 45 minutes in length, and lesson times are available 7 days/week.  Private lessons can be booked through our website at

40x Private Dance Lessons for an Individual or Couple

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